Grow International Fruit Logistica 2020

The aim of the consultation was to gather stakeholder input and improve packaging design to promote reuse and recycling, address over-packaging and reduce packaging waste. A

For yet another year, Fruit Logisitica is bringing together the largest and most diverse range of fruit and vegetable products in the world to Berlin.

Packaging manufacturers, fruit growers, importers, exporters, fruit and vegetable machinery manufacturers, supermarkets and organic farms.

Berlin is undoubtedly a fair where to learn, share knowledge and as every year, a vaulable opportunity to know how the market is, national and internationaly.

One more edition and one more coffee break of Grow International at Fedemco´s stand. Challenging the dreaded Coronavirus, the representatives of France, Italy, Germany and Spain Grow International, a quality seal for Wood Packaging from all over Europe, met to talk about the sector; the new challenges and strategies at European level and the local casuistry produced in each country.

Sustainability, recycling, ecofriendly and the demands of the countries in these subjects were the focus of this meeting, in which the new website of the European platform Grow-international was also launched. An update website with more modern and Dynamic image that responds to the needs of the Wood Packaging market.

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