Within the approach with ASSOIMBALLAGGI, is remarkable the agreement that in 2017 the Italian sector of light packaging integrated in this national association will participate in the activities of GROW.

The meeting had the political participation of Eleuterio Donat, as a member of the Executive Committee of FEDEMCO, and Cosimo Messina, a leading manufacturer in the region of Sicily and political representative of the Italian association.

The following directors or secretary generals: Olivier de Lagausie (SIEL GROW France), Uwe Groll (GROW Germany), Domenico Corradetti (ASSOIMBALLAGGI) and Fernando Trénor (FEDEMCO GROW Spain) were also attending.

The day’s agenda dealt mainly with the situation of food safety in the sector, as well as the present and future of European regulation of wood as a material in direct contact with food.

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