To promote wooden packaging.

We develop common campaigns and coordinate attendance at trade fairs.

A C T I O N S : Promotion of wooden packaging at European scale under the GROW trademark focused on: Packaging manufacturers, Packers, Distributors and Recyclers, by means of: Publications and press releases, Advertisement campaigns for magazines, Web sites and banners, Stand in the main trade fairs, Brochures, posters, souvenirs, etc

To guarantee crate recycling.

Each country works to prevent wooden packaging waste becoming a problem for the end consumer.
A C T I O N S: Recycling. National organisations provide the service in each country by linking distributors, wooden waste producers and recyclers.

To defend the sector’s interests.

To defend the sector’s interests. We are active in FEFPEB and have developed specific lobby actions in Brussels.

A C T I O N S: Lobby actions. Our Legislation observatory is mainly focused on Standardization (CEN/TC 261 “Packaging”), Traceability and Foodstuff Contact , Packaging Waste legislation, Phytosanitary measures (ISPM 15)

To carry out studies of interest.

We are leaders in research of common interest for all our members and we share the results of local projects.
A C T I O N S: Certification, Guides and Studies HACCP/ IFS/ BRC Certification, GROW Quality, Traceability in the wooden crates industry, Life cycle analysis of crates, Wood in contact whit foodstuff, etc..

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